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Why outsourced marketing is the way to go for realtors in 2022

Being a realtor these days means you’re likely competing with a tightly local market and limited housing availability. So how do you get your personal brand to rise above the others? The simple answer would definitely be through marketing, but the deeper answer to that question is using effective marketing to drive not just new customers but better brand recognition for consistent growth.

Big words aren’t they? Being a realtor and being a marketer require a different and distinct set of skills that often don’t intersect. You might be able to sell a corner lot or a two-storey house but navigating the constantly shifting marketing space might just be too much on your plate. Luckily for you, you can always opt for outsourcing your marketing needs to a third party. While this might not exactly be top of mind for you to do due to cost or management, you’d be surprised about the advantages of outsourcing this task to someone else.

Top Reasons for Outsourcing Marketing as Realtors

Efficient Use of Funds

One of the key reasons to outsource your marketing to a team of experts is to make better use of each marketing dollar you’re investing in. While you might think that it might be cheaper to market everything yourself due to the usually higher initial costs, utilizing an expert hand in your marketing can make better use of your marketing funds with proper placements, durations, and performance goals.

Expert and Up-to-Date Strategies

Speaking of outsourcing your marketing efforts, you also get to leverage the likely expertise that these specialized firms have. Each marketing partner will likely have different specialties, but there are definitely firms that have insights and best practice strategies that work best with realtors and the general realty market as a whole.

Better Analysis of Marketing Metrics

On top of having the most updated strategy, it’s integral to have team members that can analyze and understand the data metrics that come out of each execution. Instead of having to fully train yourself or your team, you can better lean into the team you’ve contracted to take those learnings from each initiative to make other marketing campaigns much more effective.

More Time to Focus on Your Business

With these advantages you have when you outsource your marketing, you can better split your time between market research on available properties and developing your client base. It may seem like a minuscule investment of your daily time, but the added time you save can be much more valuable in the long run.