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Marketing Must-Haves for Las Vegas Boutique Hotels

Mention Las Vegas and most people think of The Venetian, Bellagio, Caesars Palace, or The MGM Grand. These resorts are synonymous with Vegas not just because of the quality of their real estate but also their exceptional marketing. That’s something Las Vegas boutique hotels can also learn.  

In 2021, the average available room inventory in Las Vegas was 148,332. A significant chunk of that is provided by smaller hotels. According to the same survey, 76% of Las Vegas visitors had been to the city before. For boutique hotels in Las Vegas, this means two things: 

  • There is enough space for even the small guys. 
  • Marketing can not only attract but also help retain guests when they return. 

The way to do that? Two words: Social media. Alright, it’s actually, four words: outsourcing social media marketing. Here are just some of the tactics that a seasoned social media marketing agency can roll out for your Las Vegas boutique hotel. 

Create an engaging social media profile.

Your username should help people identify you instantly. With the right cover photo, profile, and videos, you can bring greater credibility to your digital real estate. Remember that your cover photo has to reflect the uniqueness of your brand.

You can post short videos, live videos, and Stories and offer exclusive deals through Facebook. As a boutique hotel, it’s also an excellent tactic to encourage your visitors to use location tags and check-ins for rewards.

Focus on Instagram Reels. 

To stand out on Instagram, what you need are high-resolution images and videos that you update regularly. Secondly, you have to use unique hashtags to drive users to your Instagram profile. 

But the format that has truly exploded on the platform is Reels. These 15 or 30-second videos allow you to highlight different aspects of your property, whether it’s the location or the cuisine. 

Grow your email list

If you consult with any local social media agency to outsource marketing, they will tell you that email marketing is back and how! You can use email to offer memberships, share photos and videos, and offer exclusive discounts. 

Email doesn’t just allow you to talk to your customers. It helps you to build a community. If email isn’t part of your content strategy, you’re missing out on one of the most effective ways to attract guests to your property. 

Use influencers

The right social media influencers can do the job that would otherwise take you months or years. They can get you in front of hundreds of thousands of users and bring credibility to your offerings. 

But the trick is to find a social media influencer who will match your brand identity. This is why successful boutique hotels outsource marketing to specialists since a social media marketing agency will be able to connect with a wider range of influencers.

In short 

Traditional marketing channels can be ridiculously expensive for smaller hotels. But with the right social media marketing support and an imaginative content strategy, boutique hotels in Las Vegas can successfully increase their brand awareness, retain customers, and grow their business.