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Lawyers, ditch the cable TV commercials and hire a marketing agency instead

While other sectors have embraced the power of digital marketing and specialized marketing agencies, the legal sector is still stuck on traditional, and grossly ineffective channels. To put it another way, what’s up with lawyers and terrible TV commercials? 

Actually, it’s not difficult to understand why. A majority of law firms don’t have an annual marketing budget. Most believe random acts of marketing will work. But we’re here to tell you that you need a marketing agency. Here’s why.

1. Customers have gone elsewhere

Sure, there are people who watch TV and might remember you from your commercials. But most of them have gone digital. 

When they need a lawyer, 57% of people search on their own. 59% would ask for referrals. But here’s the thing. Another survey found that 46% of those who received a referral would still go online and do their research. 

A marketing agency will devise a plan and make sure that you’re where your potential clients are.

2. An agency brings expertise

You need experts to handle your digital presence. And that’s what a marketing agency brings to the table. 

Just like law firms have professionals with expertise in their fields, a marketing agency would have specialists in market research, brand planning, media analysis, social media management, copywriting, and design. 

What you get is a team of experts who can devise the right strategy to increase brand awareness and influence customers.

3. You save money

We know this would have got your attention. 

A marketing agency would constantly review its performance and discover channels and strategies that work best for you. So, you don’t have to invest everywhere. 

You won’t be wasting money on midnight slots for your commercials, for example. You’ll be only investing where it gives you verifiable returns. 

4. You need social media

As a lawyer, you’re a brand. And for any brand to be successful, it has to do well on social media. 

But merely having a profile and posting photos won’t work. A marketing agency will develop a content strategy and suggest the right media mix that will work for you. 

Since an agency has dedicated resources, they will engage with your followers and grow your audience. Meanwhile, you can focus on what you do best.

In short

So, if you’re a lawyer, it’s time to say goodbye to your old, expensive marketing methods and hire a marketing agency.